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Money Monkeys provides the Basic Bananas of Financial Planning. We post articles that talk about the what, why, when and how in money matters. We aim to spread Financial literacy and to create a community of Filipinos experiencing Financial Freedom.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is much more than being rich. It’s having the freedom to experience what you really want to do in life without the financial worries.

We all dream of living the life we want – living with passion, travel across the globe, be the person we dreamed we would become, and most ultimately, work because we love what we do and not because we are obliged to.


Clueless on how to start your journey to Financial Freedom? That’s where this blog comes in.

Who’s Behind Money Monkeys?

Hi all! My name is Crystal Tiffany Tan. I am a licensed Financial Advisor and Mutual Funds Representative at Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. and Sun Life Asset Management Company.

It is part of my job to explain good money management to Filipinos worldwide. We help people learn how to save, manage their hard earned income to last and teach them the value of income continuity.

I aim to give you all a helping hand by providing basic financial tips on money management and concepts of Financial Planning. My goal is to guide you in planning ahead financially, provide you with market updates and product knowledge, give financial planning seminars to the masses and to help you meet your financial goals and dreams.

Note: This is not the official website of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. To go to the official website: CLICK HERE. Posts from Money Monkeys are for informational and educational purposes only.



With all the financial advisors locally, how do I stand out from the rest? What gives me the edge over the rest?

  • Experience – I am here in this profession for the long term. I am an International Quality Award Qualifier, recognized for rendering outstanding service to help clients. A lot of financial advisors and insurance agents enter the profession and resign immediately. Unlike them, I want to make sure my clients grow with me as I grow in the company.
  • Competence – I am part of the MDRT, a premiere association of the top 10% financial professionals worldwide. I am also part of the #1 branch in the #1 insurance company in the Philippines. I have the necessary training and certification to back me up. If you are looking for excellence and competence, I am the person to call.
  • 24/7 Service – I provide financial blogs, market updates, written documentations of financial advise, newsletters, social media page, freebies and a lot more for my clients. All of these are for FREE! Instead of “selling” products, I focus on bringing value to my clients.
  • Confidentiality – I take confidentiality very seriously. Financial matters, problems and goals are very close to our hearts. All financial accounts under my service, financial advise given and financial blueprints we’ve come up with are taken in with confidentiality.
  • 24/7 Hotline – My line is always open for communication for your financial concerns, goals and questions. You may contact me via SMS, E-mail, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Landline, etc.

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