Can you afford to get sick? (Infographic)


Getting sick is inevitable.

Do you know that getting diagnosed with a critical illness/ dreaded disease can cost you approximately P500,000 to P5,000,000? This is quite an overwhelming amount.


As healthy as we may be today, getting sick is inevitable. Operation costs ranges around P100,000 to P500,000, angiogram procedures for the heart cost around P20,000-P50,000, accumulated hospital and doctor’s bills for critical illness diseases can cost you approximately P20,000-P200,000.


Can you afford to get sick? Without insurance, all costs are shouldered by an individual out of his own pocket, which is financially draining. Instead of focusing on getting well, you still have to worry about financial costs. Why not do something about it today?

Affordable Critical Illness Health Insurance!

For as low as P500* per month, Critical Illness Health Insurance is cheaper than 5 overpriced coffee, 3 movie tickets, clubbing fee, postpaid plans, credit card shopping and a pair of branded shoes. This P500 can go a long way, funding for your future health needs.

View our Critical Illness infographic here:


infographic_can you afford to get sick_FINAL



Get Critical Illness Health Insurance for as low as P500* per month. (*price depends on your age, health condition and health coverage). Contact me for a free sample projection: +63 917-857-58-90 (GLOBE) or +63 998-957-58-90 (SMART)

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