Do you want to contribute to Money Monkeys?

Hi all! Are you a passionate writer/blogger? Money Monkeys welcomes freelance and full-time writers, graphic designers and financial enthusiasts who wish to contribute to the blog.


Perks and Benefits for our Contributors:

  • Online exposure – Build your name online, add a link, promote your services and website
  • Freebies – We’re working on this!
  • Recognition – We’ll credit you for all your articles. You may post a link to your site as well.
  • Advocacy – Help your fellow Filipinos spread financial literacy through your articles. It’s about time we all stepped up to manage our own finances.
  • FUN- Write with passion! Have fun! šŸ™‚

What Iā€™m Looking For


  • High-quality finance related articles written for viewers of all fields and niches
  • Personal experiences with personal finance, investing and benefiting from an insurance, health or education policy
  • Reviews and lists of financial books, tools, mobile application, program, and other resources that can help the viewers keep track of their personal finance
  • Articles listing down financial tips and market updates

Graphic Artists

  • Creative infographics for blog entries

Terms and Conditions

  • Your articles must be relevant. I will only consider and accept topics related to financial planning, money management and personal experiences with financial planning.
  • Your articles should be original. Plagiarism is a no-no.
  • Please credit all your sources, especially photos and videos, if you have one
  • Money Monkeys has to ensure that only quality and relevant articles are posted in this site. If your post, blog or article is rejected, I will inform you. If your article has potential but needs more content, minor revisions, fixing of grammatical and spelling errors, or needs more graphics to support it, I will send your work back for revisions.

Editorial Guidelines

  • If you are interested to contribute to Money Monkeys, come up with 3 interesting topics that might be relevant to Money Monkeys and send me an e-mail at
  • Once I approve a topic, I give you the freedom to write in your own style. Minimum of 500 words per article.
  • Don’t forget to include a short “About Me” description to be included in the footer of your article.
  • Send your finalized work to
  • Have fun with it! Happy Writing! šŸ™‚