Employee Benefits


Who says the working class can’t afford to have a good financial plan? Corporations nowadays reward their employees with a good employment package. Employees can enjoy group insurance, free financial seminars and retirement funding from their employer.


Business Solutions for Employers and Employees

Here are some Business Solutions for your employees and business key personnel:


Group Life Insurance

Enroll your employees in Group & Life Insurance package. As long as he/she is employed under your company, Sun Life Philippines shall pay the amount of insurance to the Employee, in the event of his death, to his designated beneficiary.

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Group Personal Accident

Enroll your employees in a Group Personal Accident Insurance (Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment Insurance) package. In the event of Accidental Death or Dismemberment, Sun Life Philippines will pay the a certain percentage of the Accidental Death or Dismemberment to the Employee or his beneficiaries.

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Retirement Funding for Employees as mandated by the Philippine Law

RA 7641 or the Retirement Pay Law states that any employee who has reached 60 years old and has been employed with his current company for at least five (5) years, is entitled to retirement benefits.


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Planning for your employee’s retirement isn’t as overwhelming as you’d think. We can help you compute for your employees retirement benefits needed as required by RA 7641.


Health & Keyman Insurance

Key man insurance protects a business against the loss of a key employee, and ensures that the corporation gets a lump sum funding for their expenses as they search and train for a replacement.

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Simple Techniques to Prosperity & Success Workshop & Retirement Planning Workshop

How can employees become Financially Independent with limited monthly income? How can the working class maximize their earnings and beat inflation? How can a “Man Working For Money” make “Money Work For Man”? We are offering FREE FINANCIAL PLANNING SEMINARS for individuals and corporations on topics about Personal Finance.

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Incentive Packages and Loyalty Rewards Program for Employees

Create incentive packages and benefits for your employees. By doing so, you will increase your employee’s loyalty to your company. The better the benefits of your company, the less employee turn-over you’d get, and the more quality employees stay with you as your business grows

In Choosing Beneficiaries

Note: Beneficiaries are chosen by either the employer or employee. You may assign an employee’s immediate family member or relative as a beneficiary if you intent to use this plan as an incentive package for your company. If you intent to use this plan for your company’s risk-management purposes, you may assign the company or another key person in the corporation to be the listed beneficiary.

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