How To Build A Portfolio in Mutual Funds (Infographics)


Interested to start investing in mutual funds but don’t know where to start? It’s not that complicated once you know how to build a mutual fund blueprint.


It’s similar to building a house. A structure that can stand the test of requirement: Have a smart design, strong foundation and a simple combination of mutual funds. Here are some basic rules of how to build a portfolio in mutual funds.


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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

We’ve heard of this sage advice so many times. To build your mutual fund portfolio, always DIVERSIFY. By spreading your investments into different funds, you minimize the risks that comes with it.



Fund Allocation

Understanding the nature of High Risk, Moderate and Conservative Funds is very important in fund allocation. What type of investor are you? What fund allocation suits your investor profile?



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Determine Which Mutual Fund is Best For You!

There are many types of funds for you to choose from. Each of these funds have their own risk profile. To learn more about them, view this link: Determine Which Mutual Fund is Best For You!

Want to open a Mutual Fund Account?

Do you want to open a mutual fund account? No time to monitor the market every hour and minute of the day? Would you prefer having professionals handle your funds?: ASK US HOW

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