Mutual Funds Online


Add, Transfer and Redeem Shares Anytime, Anywhere!

To make investing more convenient, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) introduces an online facility that allows you to add, transfer and redeem shares anytime, anywhere!


Through SLAMCI MF Online, you may perform the following transactions:


  • Subsequent Investment
  • Redemption of shares without stock certificates or withdrawal of investments
  • Interfund Transfers (switching) of investments or shares without stock certificates

SLAMCI MF Online offers the following benefits:

  • Access your investment details, worldwide, from any computer with Internet access.
  • Add to your existing investment, transfer to another fund or redeem/withdraw your
  • Monitor status of your transaction requests

Only registered Sun Link Online users may use SLAMCI MF Online. The new system will initially be limited to Individual, Joint “OR” accountholders, In-Trust For (ITF), Worksite and Mutual Fund Package. If you are already a Sun Link Online user, you have to ensure that your Mutual Fund (MF) Account/s is/are added to your Account list.

To Register (if you do not have a Sun Link Online Account)


  1. Go to Sun Life Web site: and look for My Sun Life Client Account
  2. To register, fill out the on-line registration form then click “Submit.”
  3. The initial password will be sent directly to your registered email. You will need to click on the link provided to verify your registration.

To add your Mutual Fund account (if you are a registered SunLink Online user)

Click here: 3 Steps to add funds in your Sun Life Mutual Funds Account


To perform fund switching from your Mutual Fund account (if you are a registered SunLink Online user)

Click here: Steps to fund switch via Sun Life Online Account

To redeem or withdraw from your investment

Click here: Redeem or withdraw from your investment



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