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It’s time to put our financial goals into a plan

Are you planning ahead for a brand new car, building a new business or traveling around the world? Do you want to build a retirement fund for your golden years? Looking for better returns than your savings and time deposit accounts? Searching for investment diversification options? Money Monkeys lists down a compilation of Sun Life products and solutions for your financial goals.



VUL (Insurance + Investments) for Retirement, Education, Estate Tax Planning, Inheritance Solutions and Investment Diversification

Variable Universal Life (VUL) Products can serve as the perfect tool for your long term needs and priorities. It is an Insurance + Investment Product that produces both living and death benefits.


My Future Fund. Your Target. On Time.

The fund that helps you get to your target, on time! Every journey starts with a destination in mind. You…


Sun Life Solutions: Education
Sun Life Solutions: Health

Mutual Funds: For Pure Investment Solutions

Participate in investments generating higher potential return compared to your savings and time deposit accounts. Perfect for your 5 year and up financial goals such as: building your own business, traveling around the world, funding for special occasions and such.

To Follow

The following pages are still under construction:

  • Sun Flexilink (retirement, income protection, inheritance)
  • Sun First Aid (health)
  • Sun Flexilink Assist (health)
  • Sun Flexilink One
  • How to Redeem Shares with Sun Life Mutual Funds
  • Fund Switching: How to Transfer Shares with Sun Life Mutual Funds