10 Signs You’re Not Doing Well Financially


Most of us have experience being broke for a while. While some of us rise up from this situation and start taking charge of financial management, some of us struggle in this aspect of their life. Are you one of those Filipinos struggling to keep their financial statements in check? Are you having a hard time budgeting your money? Sometimes, managing your income and expenses can be a struggle. Here are some signs that you are not doing well financially.


  1. You spend more than you earn

    photo courtesy of: Public Domain Pictures

    photo courtesy of: Pixabay

    You already have a list of expenses weeks before your salary comes. Therefore…

  2. You count the days before your salary arrives. And start counting again a week after that.

    It’s a never ending cycle.

  3. You find yourself looking for a value menu from a fast food chain every meal time

    photo courtesy of: Good Choice Reading

    photo courtesy of: Good Choice Reading

    In fact, you know all the fast food locations near your office.

  4. You borrow money from your parents

    photo courtesy of: Kheinz46

    photo courtesy of: Kheinz46

  5. You borrow money from your children

    photo courtesy of: geralt

    photo courtesy of: geralt

    Sad reality: This actually happens! Many Filipinos can’t stop working because they have to support themselves, their family and their parents.

  6. You find yourself broke after every calamity

    Typhoon blew your house roofing away. There’s another flood renovation in the works. Hold on a sec, there’s another typhoon coming this weekend?!

  7. You find your bank account drained every time you get sick

    You have no health insurance or critical illness benefit to support your medical bills. Which forces you to work overtime to earn back your expenses. Which leads to health deterioration. Thus the cycle goes on…

  8. You haven’t started saving up for retirement yet

    You feel no need to start planning ahead. You have no existing savings for your future and your salary is spent on current wants like a car, more gadgets and entertainment.

  9. Free samples at grocery stores represent 20% of your meals

    When you find yourself broke and hungry, you look for free samples in grocery stores and hope they would suffice for your snack/dinner

  10. Your savings account is near below balance every time

    photo courtesy of: Flypiityflopt

    photo courtesy of: Flypiityflopt

    Which goes back to Reason # 1

It’s Time to Take Control!

Are you having a hard time managing your finances? It’s about time to take control! Saving is not hard once you get into the habit. You just need a financial plan to direct you to a brighter future. Do you want a brief financial consultation? CONTACT US HERE




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