Step 4: Leaving a Legacy


Are you in your “Leaving a Legacy” Life Stage?

Most individuals in this life stage are already preparing to get your financial affairs in order – from ensuring that their retirement fund will last throughout their golden years, to gifting their loved ones with a fund to start their lives with, or planning for the transfer of their estate.


Those are good starting points because having clear dreams and life goals will give you a compelling reason to SAVE and INVEST rather than SPEND needlessly.


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So what do we need to do now to prepare for a brighter life tomorrow?
For you, these are the things that I recommend for us to do.


  1. Create a conscious spending plan.
  2. Build an emergency fund.
  3. Preserve your retirement fund.
  4. Plan for your estate.
  5. Possibly build a fund for your loved ones.
  6. Save for life milestones or your other dreams/life goals.

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The prescribed amount is 20% of your income monthly. Depending on your lifestyle, you may even increase it to 30-40%. Start with an amount that you’re comfortable with and work your way upwards.


The key is to treat your savings as a monthly expense and automate fund transfer or investment in a financial product so you won’t be tempted to spend it on short-term wants. Once you have committed to this habit, achieving your goal will become so much easier.

Do you have an emergency fund? Is it enough to tide you over in case of an emergency?

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We don’t know the uncertainties that life may bring. And the last thing that we want is to be a burden to our families when we grow old.

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We don’t know the uncertainties that life may bring. And the last thing that we want is to be a burden to our families when we grow old.

How can we prevent this from happening? By preserving your retirement fund. We can do that by either adding more to your retirement fund to prepare adequately for it or making it grow more by investing it in a financial product that will yield a potentially higher return. By doing these, we can ensure that you have enough money to last when retirement comes.

It’s time to think about equal estate distribution, protecting your estate from taxes and proper inheritance transfers.

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Thinking, much less creating a plan, to distribute our accumulated wealth among our loved ones can be quite a daunting task.

However, it is a task that is best tackled early on to make sure that the wealth that we intend to be divided among our loved ones be implemented according to our wishes should anything unforeseen happens.

Let’s include in your financial plan a provision for planning for your estate.


We want only the best for our loved ones. We’ve worked very hard to ensure that we can help them financially when they experience their own life milestones.

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Building a fund for our loved ones can be done and included in a financial plan if we intend to give it as a gift for with a special purpose – like a wedding fund for a daughter or an education fund for a grandchild. The possibilities are endless.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? Let your money create more money to fund for your future passion projects.

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Everyone has life milestones in mind, like a second car, a vacation home, a dream leisure trip or a business. Unfortunately, not everyone achieves their life milestones.

The trick to saving for life milestones is to visualize your goal, pin your target amount and set a deadline to achieving it. Most importantly, is to invest so that your money will work hard for you by creating more money.

I can discuss with you the Bright Choices of Preserving a Retirement Fund, Planning for Estate, Building a Fund for Loved Ones and Saving for Life Milestones more extensively later on.

We can help you create, implement and review existing plans

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As your advisor, those are the bright choices that I can help you with. How? By assisting you in developing a FINANCIAL PLAN suited to your life goals and your unique circumstances. Creating a financial plan is a collaborative effort and together we will create, implement and review this road map to help you achieve the Brighter Life.

We can help you manage your finances on your “Getting Started” Stage

These are the steps that we will go through:



  • We will identify and prioritize your life goals
  • We will compute how much those will cost in the future and adjust based on your financial situation
  • We will develop a financial plan customized to your life goals


We will choose the appropriate product solutions for your life goals


We will track your progress in achieving your life goals

What do you want us to work on today?

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Let us talk about your dreams/goals/worries/concerns. What do you think are your life goals that we should be prioritizing now? We can help you create a financial plan and assist you all the way as you work your way up to your financial goals and dreams. Getting started isn’t easy, but with a proper plan, you can get there.

Money Monkeys can assist you:




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