Steps to Transfer (Switch) To Another Fund via Sun Link Online


To transfer (switch) to another Fund

Login to your Sunlife Online account and click on “Switch Fund”

The following screen will appear:


Input the necessary details. Take note of the following:

  • Minimum Interfund Transfer amount – A minimum of P1,000.00 worth of investments can be transferred to another Fund or P5,000.00 if this will be an initial investment in a new Fund.
  • You may transfer holdings in a given Fund either partially or in full. For partial transfers, maintaining balance should not be less than P5,000.00 worth of shares or equivalent shares.
    Fund Switch is not available for dollar funds.
  • First-in, First-out (FIFO) policy – You have to indicate the Application Number of the investments to be transferred; otherwise SLAMCI will automatically transfer the oldest shares in the Fund. Please contact your MF advisor for further details.
  • Maximum Interfund Transfers – A maximum of four (4) transfers per calendar year per client number will be allowed, free of charge. Anything in excess of this shall be subjected to DST.
  • Account details page- The figures on the account details page may change due to certain conditions and are subject to adjustments. Furthermore, they may not always be available for Fund Switch and are subject to the final confirmation of SLAMCI upon receipt of a valid application for Fund Switch.

Review the details of your Fund Switch. If all details are correct, click the “Terms and Conditions” check box and then “Submit”.

You will be prompted to input your password again for security purposes. You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your transaction request.




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