Sun First Aid Plus – Hospital Income Benefit with Cash Return


If we don’t use the health benefits, what will happen to the money we paid? After a certain period of time, will we get any refund? This is a typical question we encounter with regards to health insurance.


First Aid Plus – Hospital Income Benefit

The primary goal of First Aid Plus is to ensure you will have income when you need it the most – getting sick and staying in the hospital. First Aid Plus provides you with daily cash benefits per day of hospital confinement. It also gives you double the daily allowance if you are confined in the Intensive Care Unit. And additional amount for Long Term Confinement. Surgical benefits are also included in the plan.


A sample PHP2,000 Face Amount would mean you get the following benefits:

  • Daily Hospital Allowance – PHP2,000 per day of confinement
  • Long Term Hospitalization Income – PHP2,000 per day of confinement
  • Intensive Care Unit Benefit – PHP2,000 per day of confinement
  • Surgical Expense Benefit – Up to PHP20,000 per year

Cash Return/Refund!

Yes! At the end of 10 years, we will return 50%* or 75%* of your annual premiums paid!
*Amount varies, depending on the plan you prefer.

Benefit amount would depend on your need and your budget. 🙂


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