Building Wealth: From 10 to 10 Million


Building Wealth

All about building wealth by growing both your active income and passive income.

There are four ways to become rich:

  1. Born Rich
  2. Marry Rich
  3. Win the Lottery
  4. Self-Made Rich

However, it’s not that simple. You see, not everyone is born rich. Not everyone marries a rich person either, and winning the lottery is a game of chance and probability. If you are currently in any one of these rich-man situations, then good for you! If you aren’t, then it isn’t too late.


Being born rich, marrying the rich or winning the lottery mostly result from good fortune and luck. If you aren’t one of the above, your only chance of becoming rich is to be one of the self-made rich. An average Filipino can become self-made rich with proper knowledge and a good financial blueprint.

Understanding the Different Forms of Income

There are two forms of income:

  1. Active Income – Man at work
  2. Passive Income – Money at work

Stage 1 (Active): We work in order to earn money to cover our daily and leisure expenses. We are therefore working for money.

Stage 2 (Active + Passive): As we reach career stability, we eventually start finding vehicles to make money work for us. In doing so, money works for us at the same time we are working for money.


Stage 3 (Passive): There will come a point in time when we want to be financially free! Free to pursue our dreams and goals without financial worries. As we reach this stage, we no longer work to earn a living. In this stage, we solely depend on our passive income (money working for us) to sustain our daily expenses.

Reality Check in Building and Growing Wealth

Sadly, most Filipinos get stuck at Stage 1. A lot of Filipinos want to retire but cannot afford to stop working. With a family oriented culture, they might even have relatives living with them too because none of them can support themselves financially.

Most Filipinos encounter financial problems because we were never taught how to handle money properly. As students, we studied Math, Science, English and Filipino, but we didn’t have a “Financial Literacy” subject. In this light, we graduated and worked hard, without really knowing how to manage our finances well. But it isn’t too late to start our way to financial freedom.


Becoming Self-Made Rich is possible for everyone regardless of income

Did you know that awareness, a proper financial blueprint and a good financial plan can help an average Filipino to become self-made rich? Regardless of your current income, everyone can reach their financial goals if they start budgeting well. Php10 or Php100 can go a long way if you now what to do with it.

A P10 daily savings, invested at a 15% return can grow into P10 Million in 43 years. Can’t afford to wait that long? Start saving and investing more! A P50 daily savings, invested at 155 return can grow into P10 Million in 32 years. And a P100 daily savings invested in a 15% return can grow into P10 Million in 27 years.

What if you invest P2,000 per month in 10 years?

Various financial plans that can help address to your long term goals and retirement plans. As a rule of thumb, time is very essential in investment because there is more time for your money to grow. Therefore, it is generally better if you start earlier.


If you invest P2,000 monthly for approximately 10 years, and this investment earns 8% per annum:

  • If you start investing at 40 years old,  you will get P540,000 at age 60
  • If you start investing at 30 years old, you will get P1.3M at age 60
  • But if you start investing at 25 years old, you will get P1.9M at age 60.

The Secret to Building and Growing Wealth

  1. Time – Start as early as you can
  2. Money – Save as much as you can
  3. Interest – Find better than inflation rates

Becoming financially free does not require a big initial investment. Setting aside 10% (e.g. Php2,000 or Php5,000 or Php10,000 etc) of your monthly salary can go a long way. Every P10 or Php 100 per day can grow into a fund that can aid you with your future needs. All it takes is proper awareness, a good financial blueprint and the willingness to start budgeting your expenses. Remember to start early, because time delayed is wasted time for your money to grow.


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