3 Reasons to Plan for your Children’s Education


3 Reasons to Plan for your Children’s Education

We all believe that good education builds good foundation for a child. Aside from lessons and academics, it helps your child develop his social skills, physical and mental welfare, build good ethics and life skills. Therefore, it’s a good practice to plan ahead for your kid’s education.

1. Rising Tuition Fees

There is one thing that looms over a parent’s head when it comes to schooling: Tuition Fees. Yes, another school year is about to start again, and you might be finding yourself stressed over tuition fees. Did you know that tuition fees rise up to an average of 12% annually? Planning ahead for your child’s education can help with the rising costs.


2. Avoid Dropping Out Because of Financial Reasons

Sending your children to school is all about unconditional love and wanting the best for them. We are always thinking about their future – what’s best for them, happiness, life, love, fulfillment, and basically, a bright future. However, a lot of Pinoys are forced to drop out of school because of financial reasons. Some are forced to work at an early age in order to support their families. In doing so, they jeopardize their own future. They try to send their siblings to school instead in hopes that they will have a better future and in turn, support their families when they are more stable. It’s an endless cycle. Why not plan ahead and aim to be self sustaining instead of waiting for other people to support you? It’s about time we break this cycle.

3. Set a Good Example For Your Kids

Children tend to mimic their parent’s decision at one point of their life. Most Filipino families are very tight knit and family oriented. They would most often follow their family and relative’s advice rather than a professional. and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, we would want to set a good example for our children, so they will avoid the same mistakes that we did. Planning ahead teaches your kids the value of goal setting and optimism. When they grow up blessed with good education, they will remember: planning ahead makes all things possible. This is a better legacy than the “Bahala Na” attitude.

Plan for your children’s education as early as you can

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