3 Reasons to Start Investing


3 Reasons to Start Investing

More and more Pinoys are getting into the habit of investing. Gone are the days where having a savings and time deposit account are your only options. If you haven’t started investing, and are looking into it, here are some reasons why you should consider or start investing.

1. Interest Rates are at their all time low

Because of a growing and more stable economy, out interest rates have been dropping to their all time lows. Gone are the days where you can have double digit returns from savings accounts. You won’t be seeing 8% guaranteed returns from time deposit rates. Guaranteed double your money in 3 years may be a scam.


These days, savings account interest rates hover around 0.375% to 0.25% Gross. If you don’t start investing soon, you’ll lose your money to inflation. (Related:Inflation 101)

2. Make your money work for you

Investing provides passive income and gives you an alternative source of income. A typical Filipino goes to work everyday. He works hard for money to be able to provide for himself, his family and meet his expected standard of living. But what if you can utilize these earnings? Maximize your active income by creating passive income and make money work for you. (Related: From 10 to 10 Million)

3. Convenient and efficient

Thanks to technology, everything is quick and accessible at the tip of your fingers. You can research everything you need to know online, find a wide array of product choices from our laptop, and even manage your Mutual Funds account online! (Related: Mutual Funds Online) Millenials can rejoice because of this convenience.

Time to Start Investing


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