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Add Money to your Sun Life Mutual Funds Account

Step by step guide on how to add money or funds to your Sun Life Mutual Funds account. Increase your investment portfolio in these easy steps.

How to add money to your Mutual Funds account via Sun Link Online

You can add money to your Sun Life Mutual Funds Account easily. Just follow the steps below:


Deposit the Money

You may deposit the money via any of following, according to your preference:

  • Over the counter bank deposit
  • Online Banking: BPI Express Online, BDO Online Banking or Metrobank Direct, etc.
  • Mobile Banking App fund transfer (bank transfer / fund transfer to anyone)

Take note of the following account details (For PESO Deposits):

  • Account Name: Sun Life Asset Management Inc.
  • Account Number:
    • BPI: 0073-1798-07
    • Banco de Oro: 00046-004225-4
    • Metrobank: 066-3718-10691-6
    • Chinabank: 203-103621-6
    • Citibank: 5-602714-022
    • HSBC: 000-270579-070
    • Maybank: 01-059-003283-8
    • Phil. National Bank: 390-5704000-12
    • Security Bank: 0514-020724-200
    • RCBC: 3-001-00840-3
    • Standard Chartered: 014-0953811-004
    • UCPB: 104-165963-8

The following banks have charges for deposits outside Metro Manila: BDO, Chinabank, Land Bank, Maybank, PNB, RCBC, Security Bank, Standard Chartered, UCPB. Metrobank – cash deposits, with charges

Take note of the following account details (For DOLLAR Deposits):

  • Account Name: Sun Life Asset Management Inc.
  • Account Number:
    • BPI: 1624-0061-07 (With bank charges for amounts above$5,000, minimum of 5 banking days)
    • Banco de Oro: 100-046-006383-9 (Minimum of 7 banking days clearing)
    • Metrobank: 066-2066-10860-5 (14 banking days clearing. With bank charges for amounts above $5,000)
    • Citibank: 5-602714-057 (No clearing. No charges)
    • Maybank: 01-759-000153-0 (15 days clearing. With charges)
    • Phil. National Bank: 390-5704000-20 (Minimum of 10 banking days clearing.)
    • Security Bank: 0514-020724-201 (15 banking days clearing. With bank charges for amounts above US$5,000.)
    • RCBC: 8-001-00967-3 (No clearing)
    • Standard Chartered: 905-5349103-349 (No clearing. No charges)
    • UCPB: 01-104-300835-0 (10 banking days clearing)

Access your SLAMCI MF Online:

    1. Login to your Sunlink Online account. If you haven’t registered for an account yet, click here: 4 Steps to Create a Sun Life Mutual Fund Online Account and just follow the instructions listed.
    1. Select “Mutual Funds” on the left menu on the menu bar.

    1. Click on your Mutual Funds account
    2. Click on “+add” on the upper right side of the page


Input your deposit details to your existing Mutual Fund Account:

The following screen will appear:

Choose bank for bank deposit.

Let’s browse through the selections one by one:


    • Type of Payment: Input the type of payment – cash or cheque
    • Bank Name: Input the name of the bank which you’ve made the deposit to
    • Deposit Amount: Input the deposit amount
    • Date of Deposit: Input the date of deposit
    • Proof of Payment: Attach the proof of your deposit. For over the counter deposits, attach your bank deposit slip. For online banking and bank transfer, just upload a screenshot of the banks confirmation email

  • Fund Type: Write down which fund you’d like to place your money in (Index, Equity, Balanced, Bond, etc)
  • Sales Load:
    • Front End – With upfront charges, no holding period.
    • Back End – No upfront charges, with 5 year holding period.
  • Investment Amount: Input the amount which you’d like to add to the particular fund
  • Source of Fund: Input your source of fund
  • Accept the terms of agreement and click submit

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