6 Door-to-Door Logistics Partners You Can Rely On


Door-to-Door Reliable Logistics Partners

Are you looking for a reliable courier to deliver your goods? Tired of waiting in line to be assisted with your package or document? Or maybe you just want to do away with the headache of going through the different stages of shipping like packaging or coordinating the whereabouts of an order? There are now a growing number of logistics partners and couriers who are offering door-to-door delivery!

Believe it or not, it is as simple as scheduling a pick-up online and waiting for a representative to arrive at your doorstep. Afterwards, they’ll be the ones to coordinate with the recipient until the item has been delivered. Imagine all the time and effort saved!


What is great about these logistics partners is that they also continuously expand their services! In fact, many are offering packaging and cash handling services, or even having one of the representatives purchase an item for you and deliver them to you!

With that said, here’s a list of couriers and logistics partners that are worth checking out:

LBC Express

Commencing operations way back in 1945, LBC has become a trusted market leader in the Philippines in cargo and logistics, parcels and boxes, documents and mail, and even payments and remittances! LBC has excellent customer service and has recently launched an online booking system that will allow you to schedule a pick-up. Just indicate your preferred pick-up date and time and provide your shipper details and they will come knocking at your door. They also offer the “Cash on Delivery” or “Cash on Pick Up” options to make collections and payments effortless and secure.

Grab Express

Continuing to revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry, Grab offers not just ride-hailing services but food and parcel delivery and payment solutions as well! With a very advanced technology backing up their day-to-day operations, users can expect a seamless experience from booking a driver for pick-up all the way to even get real-time tracking for status updates. Moreover, with GrabExpress, you can free yourself of worries as all parcels accepted are insured and their drivers undergo training on how to safely handle your items.



Established in 2013, Lalamove envisioned to make on-demand and same day delivery possible with a click of a button. By matching senders and drivers, they can deliver goods to serviceable areas under an hour. Today, it has diversified its vehicle options to include motorcycles, LalaJeep, MPV, and light trucks to cater to varying delivery sizes. Lalamove also offers additional services such as insulated boxes, cash handling, queueing services, and even purchase services. For more information, you can download their mobile application or visit their website.

Mr. Speedy

Looking for an affordable door to door delivery service with a fast turnaround time? Try out Mr. Speedy, who allows you to book even without registering! Their delivery costs are straightforward with rates starting at only Php60 within Manila and a certain amount for every additional kilometer needed to travel. Being one of the cheapest options, they pride itself in generating as much as 40% savings for their customers if you choose them as your delivery partner.


Transportify is leveling up the game in delivery services by integrating advanced technology into their operations. They offer multiple timing options and pricing is also modular based on the vehicle size and other customizable options. For example, there is an option to deliver using an economy car, an L300, long pickup truck, close van, a 10w wing van, and even a reefer truck. Hence, if you will be delivering in bulk, Transportify is a pretty good option for you! Another perk of using this courier is that you can book as early as 2 weeks in advance and there is also real-time GPS available for tracking purposes.



Do you need a courier that does door-to-door services not just within the metro but across the country and even around the world? Cliqnship may just be what you are looking for! They offer flexible shipping options and your shipping woes will be made quick and easy with just ‘1-CLIQ’! An advantage of partnering with Cliqnship is that it allows you to compare prices among other carriers as well and ultimately let’s you choose the best price and options for your shipping concerns. It’s a complete package and you can even earn points as you continue to transact with them!


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