Acquiring New Skills: Learn How Online Courses can be Your Friend


What are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online courses available for anyone to enroll. With over 100 million users across the world, MOOCs continually provide people with a flexible way to equip themselves with new skills (Related: Upskilling Employees: Why it Matters For Your Organization). If you are an employer, MOOC is also a good resource to conduct corporate trainings and e-Learning sessions.

Benefits of MOOCs

1. Flexible Learning Schedule

Unlike traditional schooling which requires people to be physically present at a specific time and place for the coursework duration, MOOCs conduct classes online and are self-paced. Classes follow a certain structure wherein lessons are taught with video and text contents. After a few topics, there will be an assessment to evaluate if you have grasped the ideas enough to proceed to the next section. Following this style, MOOCs allow for enrollees to complete their coursework at their own time. This is advantageous for both organizations and individuals since enrollees are advancing in their studies but at the same time, the company’s daily operations are not left behind.


2. Affordable Quality Education

Many people struggle with obtaining education or providing their employees the chance to upskill due to financial constraints. This is especially evident in the least developed and developing countries. With MOOCs, the educational gap is bridged. As long as you have an internet connection, you can start learning already at an affordable rate (sometimes even free!). Another advantage of MOOCs is that there is a sharing of knowledge across a diverse set of people. Gone are the days when our knowledge is limited to what we can afford and what our peers know. With MOOCs, we can also learn from the best practices of other more advanced nations and companies too.

3. Non-Discriminatory Access

Regardless of the educational background, work experience, or motivations for pursuing a course, anybody can enroll in an MOOC. Whether you are a career shifter or simply want to supplement your current expertise, everybody is welcome to enroll. In addition, for organizations, MOOCs are a good way to go because of the extensive resources available to equip new hires with the necessary skillsets for various functions. The lessons can also help tenured employees stay updated with the recent tools and developments. For some sites, there are also on-demand training and development plans offered to cater to different organizational needs.

Is MOOC for you?

Learning online is an opportunity to stay relevant. It also provides the chance to stay updated and to learn the best standards and practices of different organizations and countries. Education is always a good investment and with MOOCs, you can now do this with great time flexibility. Take advantage of this and start learning today! To get you started, here are some sites you can check out: Coursera, Udemy, and Shaw Academy.


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