My Future Fund. Your Target. On Time.


My Future Fund – The fund that helps you get to your target, on time!

Every journey starts with a destination in mind. With My Future Fund, you set a date, establish a budget and choose the right vehicle that will bring you to your target on time and as planned. The more prepared you are, the greater your chances of a successful journey.

MyFuture fund is a distinct and simple investment solution that takes into account your financial needs, investment horizon and tolerance for risk. It is a target date fund designed to provide you medium to long term capital appreciation, and shifts to wealth preservation as the fund’s maturity date nears. This means that during the early years of investment, assets are mostly placed in equities to provide greater opportunity for your fund to grow. As the fund approaches maturity, its asset allocation shifts to fixed income securities thereby minimizing your fund’s exposure to risk and allowing you to preserve your wealth.


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Step1: Set a target date for your specific financial goal

What is your financial goal and how many years would you want to attain it? Whether it is buying a car in 5 years, Purchasing a property in 10 years, funding for your child’s education in 15 years, opening a business in 20 years or retirement in 25 years, it’s time to start thinking about it and planning ahead.

Step 2: Choose a fund that matures closest to your target date.

MyFutureFunds comes in 5 variants as of today (2014). My Future 2020, My Future 2025, My Future 2030, My Future 2030, My Future 2035 and My Future 2040.

Step 3: Pair My Future Fund with a Variable Life Insurance product that suits your financial requirement

In order to avail of My Future Fund, you have to pair it with a Variable Life Insurance or Variable Universal Life (VUL) product that fits your financial requirements.


What Happens When My Future Fund Matures?

You have the option and liberty to fully or partially withdraw the funds to fund for your financial goals, or reinvest it in other Sun Life investment instruments.


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