How to Pay for Sun Life Premiums


Easy way to pay for Sun Life Premiums

Pay for your Sun Life premiums in these easy steps, whether it is via annual, semi-annual or quarterly mode is very easy. This article is all about how to pay for your Sun Life whole life insurance and VUL policies – not applicable to Mutual Funds accounts. First and foremost, decide how you want to pay for your Sun Life premiums:

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Over the counter bank deposit to Pay for Sun Life Premiums

Just go to the bank and deposit the payment over the counter. Kindly take note of Sun Life’s account details:

Account Name: Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.
Account Number:

  • BPI- 0073-1754-37
  • BDO- 00460028464
  • RCBC- 3-001-00843-8
  • Security Bank – 0514-018635-201
  • PNB – 381-452-700-022
  • Union Bank – 00001-0080-04-1
  • Equitable PCI Bank – 0391-01517-1


Account Name: Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.
Account Number:


  • BDO – 1700-150-772
  • BPI – 0074-0243-43
  • Citibank – 0-602621-014
  • Equitable PCI Bank – 2391-00121-1
  • RCBC – 8-001-06776-2
  • Security Bank – 0514-018635-202

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Mobile Transfer to Pay for Sun Life Premiums

If you have your mobile application installed in your devices and prefer paying via mobile app, you need to have “transfer to anyone” enabled in your app. Go to transfer to anyone and input Sun Life’s account number, your policy/reference number on the corresponding fields. Sun Life’s account numbers are listed above.

Sun Life’s Financial Stores

You can also pay in any Sun Life Financial Stores. Just bring your billing statement and payment and Sun Life’s customer service will handle everything for you. They will also issue you an official receipt.


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Quick and Easy How To Guides

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For more information about Sun Life products, you may check out Sun Life’s official website.


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