How to Reach Customers in the New Normal and Beyond


Struggling Times in the New Normal

With the unexpected and still ongoing pandemic, the business landscape has completely changed. In fact, the lockdowns and quarantines are found to have reduced people traffic and mobility by as much as 80% in the Philippines. This brings a serious concern to business owners – How do we reach customers in the new normal?

All businesses are greatly impacted. To cut losses, companies who were previously reliant on the traditional delivery of products and services now face the possibility of stop operations and even permanent closures. As a business owner, our goal is to keep our business running and to generate profits as we do so. How do we do that in the new normal?


3 Ways to Reach Customers in the New Normal

Gone are the days when we hand out flyers or wait for walk-in customers. To reach and acquire customers in the new normal, we need to embrace technology and begin exploring new ways to achieve this. Here are three ways to do it:

Be Active in Targeted Social Media Pages

You have your products which are all ready to be delivered. What better way to reach both existing and potential customers than by joining targeted social media pages? Doing so will link you directly to your customers who are ready to make a purchase or at the very least have an interest in what you are offering. Another benefit of doing so is that these pages will provide insight not just on what items they are specifically looking for but also on their sentiments these days. This will be an opportunity for you to pinpoint the ongoing trends and how to bring more value to people.

If you don’t want to personally engage in conversations in the groups, you can invest in digital marketing as well and post advertisements in these targeted pages. You’ll still be able to reach your target market this way but might incur you costs.

Maximize e-Commerce Platforms

Want to reach millions of customers instantly? Try utilizing e-commerce platforms like Lazada or Shoppee, who receives great traffic from their established customer base. Setting up a seller account is easy, and you simply add product listings, manage your store and wait for customers to place their orders. Afterwards, you receive your payments and fulfill the orders.


Establish an Online Brand or Page

Everybody is now online, and it is not just the established brands that are present. There are also thousands of new entrants in the online marketplace! For sure, you have noticed that even your next-door neighbor suddenly is selling something say in Facebook, Viber, or even Instagram. Now the question is how to make yourself stand out from other online businesses? Moreover, how do you make your business stay in the long run even after the crisis is over?

One way to achieve this is to create your own account with your own branding. With a personal page, potential customers can search for you online. This is in fact one way to build brand loyalty and a method to establish credibility with your audience. With an online brand or page, you have control as well on the products you want posted and the types of services you can offer.

Innovative Solutions to Reach Customers in the New Normal

Place yourself in the shoes of your customers. These days, people are scrambling everywhere to get a hold of an item, but the marketplace is either inaccessible physically, unsearchable online, and many times even too dispersed to keep track. Imagine if your page can provide a one-stop shop for all their needs and make the shopping experience very seamless such as delivery and payment methods clearly stated with options to match the preferences of your clients. This, among many other ideas, is a great value proposition already all by itself!



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