How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby in the Philippines?


Philippine population reaches 100M – Cost of having a baby in the Philippines

Baby cost in the Philippines – As of July 27, 2014, paparazzi welcomed the birth of a baby girl which officially made the Philippine population hit 100 Million. This milestone offers both opportunities and challenges to the Philippines, which ranked 12th in the worlds most populous countries list.

While a growing population means a larger workforce, it also means more dependents in a country where about 25% of people are living in poverty. There is an urgent need for the local government to provide basic services to the country’s booming population as more than 50% of the Filipino population is under age 25. From its 60.7 million population in 1990, the country is expected to breach the 150-million mark by 2050.


Quantity of Life or Quality of Life?

Government efforts to promote reproductive health and family planning has been slowed down by the Catholic church, as the Philippines is a very religious country. Thus, the issue rises: Quality of Life or Quantity of Life? Traditional and poor families usually have this mindset: “by having more babies, I’d have more children to support me in the future.” Lower class sectors would even encourage having a large family in hopes that one of their children would grow to be successful and bring them out of poverty. While we have a few inspiring rags to riches stories, this is not the case for majority of the population. With the alarming population growth rate, people are starting to take family planning seriously. Would-be parents now have a more practical mindset; calculating the cost and expenses of having children to be able to provide them with a quality life. So how much would it normally cost to have a baby? Cost of Having a Baby in the Philippines

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