Steps to Redeem Money via Sun Link Online


Redeem Money Sun Link Online

Here is a step by step procedure on how to redeem your money using your Sun Link Online account. Withdrawing your funds has never been more convenient!

To redeem/withdraw from your investment.

Login to your Sunlife online account and click on “Redeem Fund”


The following screen will appear:

Input the necessary details. Take note of the following:

    • Minimum redemption/withdrawal amount
      o The minimum amount for full or partial redemption/withdrawals P1,000.00 or $200.00 worth of shares. The maintaining balance is P5,000.00 or $500.00.
      o Click the check box under Redeem/Withdraw All Investments column if you want to redeem/withdraw all your investments.
    • Otherwise, using the radio button, you have to specify the number of shares/equivalent shares or amount to be redeemed.
      First-In First-Out (FIFO) policy
      o You have to indicate the Application Number of the investments to be redeemed; otherwise we will automatically redeem the oldest investment in the Fund and may be subject to deferred sales charge. Please contact your MF advisor for further details.
      o If you want to redeem ALL your investments in a specific Application Number, do not click the Redeem/Withdraw All Investments check box. Instead, click the Number of Shares/Equivalent Shares radio button then type the total number of shares/equivalent shares under that application number. You may refer to the account details page to find out your total number of shares/equivalent shares available.
    • Deferred Sales Charge
      o All investments under Back-end load is subject to Deferred Sales Charge (DSC).
      The deferred sales charge is on a decreasing annual basis:

  • Account Details Page
    The figures on the account details page may change due to certain conditions and are
    subject to adjustments. Furthermore, they may not always be available for
    redemption and are subject to the final confirmation of SLAMCI upon receipt
    of a valid application for Redemption/Withdrawal.
  • Redemption Proceeds
    o Payment made through bank remittance (universal or commercial bank with RTGS) may
    be subject to applicable bank charges, subject to your arrangement with the remitting and receiving bank. SLAMCI reserves the right to deduct any applicable bank charges from the redemption/withdrawal value.
    o Redemption/withdrawal cheques will be released as “crossed” cheque.
  • 10% Back-end Waived Redemption–You may avail of the 10% Back-end waived redemption privilege if you have P5M worth of Back-End investments at the time of redemption. You may redeem up to 10% of your total shares/equivalent shares as of December 31 of previous year. Please refer to the Sun Life Prosperity Fund’s prospectus (under Shareholder’s Privileges –Free 10% Back End Redemption) for the detailed explanation of this privilege.

Review the details of your Redemption/Withdrawal. If all details are correct, click the “Terms
and Conditions” check box and then “Submit”. You will be prompted to input your password again for security purposes. You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your transaction request.


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