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Sun Maxilink Bright – A Brighter Future for your Children

Did you know that education prices rise up 12% every year in the Philippines? A Php 100,000 annual tuition fee today will cost you approximately Php 1 Million in 15 years. Sun Maxilink Bright is made to address that concern.

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Creating funds for your child’s future education (high school or university), his future needs (funds to help him start a business, funds for his future house and lot, and funds to support him while he searches for his dream job). With proper planning, Sun Maxilink Bright can create a brighter future for your children.

Ideal for: Breadwinners, OFWs with children, Parents

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What is Sun Maxilink Bright?

Sun Maxilink Bright provides financial protection PLUS a potential source of savings. A portion of your premiums is also allotted to investments for a greater growth potential.

An OFW’s Dilemma: Financial Security back home, retirement,

Alternatively, Sun Maxilink Bright or Maxilink Prime can also be used to fund the future needs of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).


How does this product work?

Let us take Juanita Dela Cruz as an example. Juanita is 30 years old, Female, a non-smoker who just gave birth to a baby boy Jun Jun.

For your child’s future education

Assuming Juanita planned ahead and wanted Jun Jun to have funds for his future needs, Juanita started setting aside Php 7,000 per month for her baby boy.

Investment / Savings amount for Jun Jun: Php 7,000 monthly x 12 (number of months in a year) = Php 84,000 annually.


Php 84,000 annually x 5 (Maxilink Bright is approximately 5 years to pay) = Php 420,000 (total investment / savings)

When does Jun Jun need to access his funds most?

  • After 10 years, his funds would have grown to: Php 604,720 (8% per annum) or Php 700,246 (at 10% per annum)
  • After 20 years, when Jun Jun enters college or university of his choice: Php 1,303,530 (at 8% per annum) or Php 1,811,215 (at 10% per annum)
  • After 26 years, when Jun Jun plans to start his own business: Php 2,069,694 (at 8% per annum) or Php 3,207,531 (at 10% per annum)
  • After 55 years, when Jun Jun plans to retire early: Php 20,017,267 (8% per annum) or Php 52,384,635 (at 10% per annum)

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Life Insurance Benefits:

  • Death Benefit Amount of Php 1 Million + current funds to beneficiaries
  • Accidental Death Benefit: Php 500,000
  • Waiver of Premium of Death of Initial Owner: When something happens to Juanita in the middle of the paying period, Jun Jun’s premium payments for the period is waived

For your retirement

Juanita wanted to plan ahead for her retirement. She sets aside Php 7,000 monthly for her future expenses.

  • Assuming Juanita retires at 50 years old (20 years after). The total value he can withdraw from his fund value is Php 1,354,430 (8% per annum) and Php P1,883,670 (10% per annum) for his retirement.
  • Assuming Juanita retires at 60 years old (30 years after). The total value he can withdraw from his fund value is Php 2,899,466 (8% per annum) and Php 4,861,833 (10% per annum) for his retirement.
  • Assuming Juanita retires at 65 years old (35 years after). The total value he can withdraw from his fund value is Php 4,248,417 (8% per annum) and Php 7,825,941 (10% per annum) for his retirement.

Life Insurance Benefits:


  • From today until age 88, Juanita’s beneficiaries is entitled to a Death Benefit Amount of Php 1 Million + current funds
  • Accidental Death Benefit: Php 500,000

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Sun Maxilink Bright Rates in a Nutshell

Sun Maxilink Bright rates depends on the age of the life insured and your budget. You can design your plan using any amount you’re comfortable with setting aside (Php 3,000 per month, Php 4,000 per month, Php 10,000 per month, Php 20,000 per month, etc)

TIP: Don’t limit yourself to the minimum amount. Know your future (education and retirement) goal, then work on that to determine how much you need to set aside monthly to reach that goal.



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