Sun Maxilink One (Peso and Dollar)


Single Pay Investment Plan with Minimal Life Insurance

Sun MaxiLink One is a single-pay, peso-denominated, protection and savings product that offers an opportunity for faster accumulation of fund value because it has no initial charges. It provides life insurance coverage* to the insured PLUS the flexibility to choose where your money will be invested, depending on your risk appetite and financial objectives, to maximize your money’s earning potential.

Product Details

  • Single Pay
  • NO Upfront Charges & NO Front End Sales Load/Fees
  • With 125% insurance
  • Pre-approved! No need for medical requirements
  • Investment returns – Depending on market performance
  • In case of emergencies, and you’d need access to your funds, a pre-termination fee shall apply:
    Redemption during the 1st year – 5%
    Redemption during the 2st year – 4%
    Redemption during the 3rd year – 3%
    Redemption during the 4th year – 2%
    Redemption during the 5th year – 1%
    After 5 years – NONE

With Loyalty Bonus!

Policies that remain active for at least 10 years shall also be rewarded with a loyalty bonus currently equivalent to 2% of the policy’s average fund for the last 5 years. The loyalty bonus is payable at the end of the 10th year and every 5 years thereafter as long as the policy remains active.


No Medical Requirements Needed!

What’s more, Sun MaxiLink One guarantees your acceptance if the single premium is within the age and other limits of the guaranteed issue offer.

*Life insurance coverage shall be equivalent to 125% of the single premium, less 125% of withdrawals made, until age 88. For policies issued under the guaranteed insurability offer, coverage shall be limited to the fund value plus insurance charges paid in case of the insured’s demise within two years after the policy issue date, except if due to accident.

Choose your Investment Fund

You may choose which fund you’d like to invest your money in: Equity Fund, Balanced Fund, Bond Fund or any of the available MyFuture Funds! Fund Switching is allowed up to 4 times per year – No additional fees or charges. Sun Life is the only company in the industry allowing Fund Switches for our clients.

Available in Peso and Dollar Denomination

Sun Maxilink One is available in Peso and Dollar Denomination.



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