Sun Safer Life (Cheapest Form of Insurance)


Affordable Rates: Maximum Protection Within Your Reach

Availing of Life Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Sun Safer Life is a 5-year renewable and convertible term life insurance product that provides guaranteed maximum protection, keeping your family’s future safe as you leave nothing to chance. Premium for this product is generally more affordable than most permanent life insurance product, thus, giving you enough protection at a cost that fits your budget.

Term Insurance: Renewable and Convertible

With Sun Safer Life, you can enjoy longer protection even until your golden years as it automatically renews every 5 years regardless of your health condition. Plus, it allows you to convert your policy to any of Sun Life’s eligible life insurance products without having to undergo the process of applying for new life insurance coverage.


Benefits of Sun Safer Life:

To summarize, below are the benefits of SUN Safer Life:

  • Valuable life insurance coverage equal to 200% of the Face Amount.
  • Additional protection in case of insured’s total and permanent disability and accidental death.
  • Longer protection until your golden years with the automatic renewal1 of coverage
  • Conversion to any eligible life insurance product without hassle.

Safeguard your future today. Sun Safer Life is suitable for:

  • First time buyers of insurance
  • Young professionals and breadwinners of start up families with young children dependent on their income
  • Corporation looking for Mortgage Redemption Insurance or businessmen planning to loan for company expansion
  • Ages 18-64 individuals. Looking to cover future estate taxes or an existing loan

How much does it cost?

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For a P2,000,000 insurance coverage, a 30 year old Male only remits P9,300 annual (P775 per month) premium and a 30 year old female remits only P7,850 (P654 per month) premium.

A 40 year old Male remits only P9,960 annually (P830 per month) and a 40 year old Female remits only P8,630 annually (P720 per month) for a P2,000,000 insurance coverage.



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